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Want a treat to eat…. then try our True Blue Aussie Footy Pies !


All Oz-Britts pies have a blended base pastry that will be something you

will talk about with your friends. The top is a special puff pastry that gives

the pie the delicious look that makes you want to eat it immediately.

All our pies have a huge 200gm minimum of filling with approximately

70gm of pastry giving you a massive 270gm meal.

AUSSIE MEAT PIES - (approx 270gm)
Remember the famous Aussie Meat Pie at the MCG. That is what our Beef Mince Pie is all about, cramped full of Genuine Imported Australian Beef with Australian mouthwatering gravy and ingredients. Also available in a party pie (45gm of meat with pastry of 55gm).

STEAK & MUSHROOM PIES - (approx 270gm)
Our loved Steak and Mushroom Pie has the same gravy and ingredients as the Beef Mince Pie but included with the mince is Australian Tenderloin chunk’s and freshly cut mushrooms.


CHICKEN PIES - (approx 270gm)
Chicken Pies - for our customers who are not meat eaters. Our Plain Chicken and Chicken Curry Pies are chicken cubes from large Javanese poultry with a blend of chicken mince, herbs, spices (and Curry) to give a mouthwatering taste. Plain Chicken is also available in a party pie (45gm of meat with pastry of 55gm).


PORK PIES - (approx 270gm)
For the pork lovers we have a Plain Pork Pie and a Curry Pork Pie. Both pies are made from our well-known quality pork with secret ingredients that only our pie chef knows. A must try to believe.


BACON PIES - (approx 270gm)
Our Bacon Pie is a combination of Pork mince, Ham cubes and Bacon pieces. A beautiful moist pie that is a must to have in your freezer. A mid-day snack you will look forward to frequently. Also available in a party pie (45gm of meat with pastry of 55gm).

Should you require large quantities of party pies for a special function one weeks’ notice is required.



R/P 45,000.00 for a 270gm Pie

R/P  19,500.00  for a 100gm Party Pie

To complement our True Blue Aussie Pies, we also have other great Aussie Products:  

Hot Dogs, Beef, Chicken or Pork in both Little Boy or Big Boy sizes, also giant Beef Hot Dogs and Cheese & Beef Kranski. 

Our Cabana and Pastrami are BBQ hits with your cheese and crackers.

Try our Pork, Chicken or Beef Kebabs on your BBQ for a treat you will never forget. Not to forget the smoked chicken for your Salad.

Also, check out our famous selection of Australian Sausages and Frankfurts on this web page, sure favorites of every Ex-pat and local alike....

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